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"Zinvori mair" (Soldiers’ Mothers) is non-governmental, charitable organization, acting in the Republic of Armenia.

Our Mission.  We provide educational, consulting, legal and moral support to soldiers, their families and pre-conscripts’ families.

Our History.  The organization was based in 1991 by the Armenian women’s initiative group to support a becoming of young Armenian army. In 1992 after the organizations’ appeal 300 women-volunteers provided nursing for about 2.500 injured soldiers in 16 hospitals till 1994.
In 1995 the organization has established the Psychological Rehabilitation Center for mothers of killed soldiers. As result of such rehabilitation many mothers, who lost interest to life, have returned to normal activity. In 1996 the organization has opened the medical Centre for the parents of soldier who are on the military service, giving them free consultation and services in diagnostics.

In 1998-2003 The chairman of the organization participated in works of the Commission of Human Rights at President of RA, it promoted the fast resolution of problems, connected to complaints according rights of military men.
In 1998 the organization is a member of the Geneva Conference Working Group on integration and repatriation of refugees.
In 1998 the organizations’ chairman Greta Mirzoyan has been awarded with a “Golden Heart” medal for kindness without borders by the International organization "Women for Peace and Harmony " founded by Margaret Thatcher.
From 1998 till now under the order of Minister of Defense of RA the members of the organization have been involved in Appeal Committees of Regional Military Registration.

In 2004 the organization became a member of Monitoring Working Group at President of RA on struggle against corruption. In 2006-2009 by OSCI Yerevan office it was founded anticorruption public reception-room   where the experts of the organization provided consulting to people.

The organization made a lot of offers to the National Assembly to make changes in a Military law especially in its social sphere. The organizations’ expert-lawyers permanently collaborate with the Military Prosecutors’ office of RA. The members of the organization participated in soldiers and conscripts trials.
Since 2008 up to now the organization is a member of a Public Council at the Minister of Defense of RA and also participates in Appeal Committee at the Public Council.

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